Our Services

De-cluttering, Organizing, and Downsizing

Whether you’ve decided to remain in your home or relocate, we can help! We maintain compassionate objectivity while we help you sort through your belongings; whether for relocation or just to help make your space more manageable.

Removal and Sales of Unwanted Items

We work with you to help disperse treasures to family and loved ones. Items that are no longer needed can be auctioned or given to charitable organizations. Whether they go to auction, a donation bin, or the dump, we will make all the arrangements for their removal.

Packing and Moving

Moving Plus will help prepare and arrange for the sale of your home. We have Realtors who can help you find your new home, whether it’s just a smaller space or retirement facility. We arrange for the packing and moving of all your belongings and can provide home staging service using your belongings to set up your home for showings.

Set-up and Decoration

We have experienced interior designers to help you set up and decorate your new place. We can prepare floor plans to help you decide what furniture to bring to your new place. Once moved we can help unpack and get you settled into your new home.